Soul Memo #4

Six of Swords  Today’s card is the Six of Swords from the Shadowscapes tarot.

this card is an interesting pull for me today. It is the passage away from difficulties and a chance to recover from life’s curveballs. We see the swan bearing the exhausted man on her back, carrying him away from his trials and tribulations represented by the crows on the “withered crop-like swords” When I look at this card I see escape from famine by Divine guidance.

The message I get from this card is that allow yourself to have faith that you can get through it. “Also that speaking to your Angels and Guides and allow them to aid you in your time of need.” No not forget to practice good Self care to keep your footing when strife is around you.

What makes this card interesting for me personally if that I’m still waiting to hear about a job position I did two interviews for. I should hear back some time this week but its now Thursday so you can imagine the thoughts in my head. Trying to stay positive and quell the Doubts when they start circling (like crows) is difficult. Pulling this card shows me that I will get an answer soon (ushering me away from the doubt crows) and that it very well could be the “Yes.” that would carry me away (like the swan) to a new position and away from the current strife.

I need to have faith in the Universe to deliver the best possible outcome and that my guides and angels have my back and my desires on their minds.

So what is it that you need guidance on? Have to communicated this to your Angels and Guides? Have you even figured out what your question or needs are?

Take time to think and mediate on this.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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