Soul Memo #3

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is almost here!

Today’s card comes from a deck I have in person and as an app for the phone.  I ADORE the fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and her flowing water colors. When I heard she was creating a Tarot deck, Shadowscapes, well I pre ordered it.

You can find her website here.
You can find info on the deck here. Plus it is in App version!
You can find her blog here.

This morning I drew the Temperance card.

This card is all about Balance and Harmony. We see the Phoenix and the Dragon battling for dominance while the young woman sits in her calm and reins them in, controlling the dance thus her inner balance.

The except from the booklet sums it up very eloquently.

Without water, fire rages utterly unchecked and all- consuming, burning itself out eventually in a terrible conflagration. And without fire, the waters are lightless and drowning, flooding until there is only a still, silent mirror of nothing.

This card is fitting for anyone who is learning to improve their reaction vs. response to the outside world. Its very easy to get caught up in drama where strong emotional knee jerk reactions can make us open our mouths a little wider for a shoe to get stuck.
However, Responding, instead of reacting, allows us a few moments to become still and meditate on what choices to we have and tailor the best response for the given situation.

This method of taking account of situations stems from learning to “feel the emotion, acknowledge the emotion, understand where and why its happened, then let it go.”

Best example I can give is that there is a personality I work with whom gets under my skin. She only cares about her personal metrics and has hardly any customer service skills. Considering we deal with the customers this is a big deal to me and her lack of effort grates me and impacts the team negatively in the eyes of those we deal with.
This, and other antics, always got my Irish up and thus effected my attitude internally and my viewpoint of my job.
Recently, I finally sat down and thought hard about these emotional upheavals.
The issue I found is that she does this to everyone, its really not about me personally.(Ego loves to get in the way).
Yes it annoys me because I am the opposite of the extreme. I don’t give a blast consciously about my metrics but I care about always having a positive experience for the customers via any interactions. I will go above and beyond if I can.
My bosses know it and my relationships with customers show it as well.

But instead of me having a knee jerk reaction to this personality, I chose how to respond to what she triggers in me and that has made my days take 180 degree turn around. I am more calm, focused and I just let it all roll off my back.

So are you Reacting or Responding? How is your internal balance? Take some time to sit with these questions and journal it out.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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