Soul Memo #2



I have to be honest in regards to this card – I was a little confused when I first pulled it.
“How does Authority fit into my daily focus?? Surely there is a better card to help me stay in the Zen mode at work?”

It took some time to really sit with this card and think what my Guides could be nudging at.

Then on the way to work it hit me, The Cave Allegory. (Yes I know I just dated myself).

Plato’s Cave Allegory (read it here) is the short theory where 3 individuals were raised in a cave all their lives and could not turn their heads. Their only education is seeing different shadows on the wall due to a fire in the background. They name these shadows and try to guess which will be next all their lives. This was their reality. One day, one of the men escaped his chains and leaves the cave. The outside world is unreal to him and full of wonder.
The Cave Allegory

He then tries to go back into the Cave to tell the others about how the world is outside. They do not believe them and threaten to kill him if he tries to release their bonds.

Moral of the story, our perception is linked to the Authority we follow.

We are raised as children to believe certain things without doubt. That our parents can (mostly) do no wrong.They raise us as they themselves were raised. Personalities, Phobias, Religion etc is set like a habit while we were still in diapers.

Likewise we have hardset mindsets on how do we support ourselves. Do we get the cubicle 9-5 job? Making money is hard. Steady paycheck is the best way? Bills Bills Bills…

You want your mind blown? Plato’s Cave Allegory (written in 514 AD) is the original Matrix.

Sit with that for a second or two…

This card is wanting us to think… Are we seeing the same shadows year after year? Or are we willing to take the chance to change our perception and break the chains? What will we find when we leave the cave? Will it be worth it if we lose relationships over our newfound perception of how things can be?

What is your perception of the Authority governing you? Is it the True You or is others’ perceptions placed on your identity?

Curious, isn’t it…

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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