Soul Memo #1

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

Use your innate abilities to Manifest change in your situation but watch your thoughts!

Good Morning!
Welcome to the first ever Soul Memo reading!

Today’s Memo card is from Doreen Virtue’s Indigo Angel Oracle deck which I have had a number of years and enjoy using when I need a simple nudge of a message or a topic to be my daily focus. I have a preference for oracle decks over Tarot but there will be a mix of decks showing up later in this series.

Today’s Memo is all about Manifesting, which is actually perfect since the New Moon was last night and our possibilities and new abundance and beginnings is high. It is a time to turn internal and reflect on what the past (lunar) month has brought you and realign yourself with your Soul’s intentions.

Manifesting is a very easy..though our Egos love to make it harder than it is.

There are 3 keys to manifesting:

1. Set you Intention/Goal.
Example: My day is full of happiness and no negativity from my coworkers can effect my internal peace. (My actual focus right now)

2. Use present tense language in meditations/mantras

Setting an intention in the future is okay but since it leaves the time frame open and uncertain it is best to think in the NOW  to bring the manifestation closer to us.

“My day is full of peace…” – the Day as in the Now.
“My day will be full of peace” – the day in the future

3. Let go of your expectations on what the results “should” be.

If you are working to manifest more financial abundance in your life  and set your heart on a new job you just interviewed for, you might begin self sabotaging yourself with doubt when you don’t get the job….

And totally miss the fact you just got a refund check from your previous healthcare provider- enough to tide you over until your next paycheck.

Not what you were expecting, right!?!!

Be Open to the possibilities the Universe has in store.

A Word of Caution:

Be aware of the tone of your thoughts when doing manifestation work. Negative Self talk is the seed of doubt which can wreck your efforts. The Ego trying to protect us from being “let down” and bracing us for the nasty, but necessary, emotional turmoil that comes along with it.
However, what that creates is a self fulfilling prophecy..and a negative cycle that is hard to break.

Stay positively focused and open to the possibilities.

Lots of Love,


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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