Dreams are Funny Things

Dreams are funny things.


Lately I have been working on my Astral Projection where, I consciously know I am in a dream and that I can control it. On the few instances that I am successful I have been “leaping ” from tall buildings and flying/floating.

Focusing on this event before bed usually makes it much easier to happen but I hit a dry spell a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to do it again. Last night I woke up around 4am and fell into a deep sleep where I had the following dream.

The entire world was one big trailer park/ block party but the air was dense water.

I saw falconers and old school classmates interacting. One I was hanging around with was a kid from grade school John. I introduced him to a friend who would not look at him because John F Kelly had “ODed years ago”. (if this is true in RL I have no knowledge of it) it was a happy reunion.

However the noise and “state fair” rukus made me want to leave so I started walking “UP”.

And I walked out of a sea….and into a forest., but Oh! The SKY!


It was like those high res images from NASA of the milky way but Jupiter was closer than our moon. Also there was a meteor shower going in every direction. There was no light but I could see where I was going.

I wanted into what looked like a small picnic for a gathering. But think of the heaven scenes from What Dreams May Come movie but with Dr. Seuss happiness.

Kids riding bikes that look like huge inner tubes and bouncy spring like feet spokes on the tire itself. Kid in the middle straddling the tire. The Kids rode these tires into the sky.

I saw huge deer with 6 foot spread antlers and flying dragon/sea snakes licking lollipops flying and interacting with people. Seals walking on flippers in waistcoats…


It was happy gathering like I have never seen before! I trying asking for the name of this place and saw the name on the drum from the small town band – Bar/ Scien/oplios


(hard to remember the name spelling but that was the rough memory.)

Then a blonde woman pulled me aside and into an office and said that I was blessed by the gods to do this work and that I was to do something with Perceval Publishing (press)?

My alarm went off before I could ask her to explain.

Those are the pieces I remember. Now, I know I was dreaming when I looked up into the night sky but I really did not have any control within it. It’s also very strange that the gods would be mentioned.

I mean really? What great work is this to be about?

I must say the energies are becoming more potent with the coming of the full moon tonight/tomorrow + the lunar eclipse.




Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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