March 30th


Today is just like any other day in the fact that I wake up and swear my to-do list chases me around. It’s a bad habit I know; to be ruled by a piece of paper but I feel that is how my job has trained me to be (and also why it is so hard to break free)

Work? It is a top Fortune 10 company in the medical field and I work in its data processing office about 16 miles away from home. The pay is good and benefits are fabulous but the environment could be better. More specifically upper management could get their act together and provide us with the necessary resources to make our work/life balance a touch more sane…but I have been bitching about that for over a year now and it seems unlikely things will get better.

Only hope is that a new project I was put on gets off the ground soon (2 months late) and I can transition out of my current role of a “walking rulebook approval button pusher” and into something that suits my IDP goals.

I have 5 months until I can post out (08/28) so they better get things in motion soon. Until then I will just keep on truckin’. I do love my co workers and the others I interact with; there just could be improvement on stability…great company otherwise.

What does make today special is that today and tomorrow are considered end of month/end of year at the office so there is a good chance that our work load will be much heavier with all the field realizing that ‘oh crap, I need to get _______ submitted and loaded!” <queue head banging on desk>. Everything is Urgent and it really demonstrates a lack of time management on their part.

Hence why I got up early and clocked in at 6:15 – a full hour and 45 min earlier than required. While most people will see that as work dedication and that’s fine (it works for me if they think as such) but truly, I am dedicated to my co workers whom also feel the same as I do in that we are a sinking ship and that U.M. has popped hole sin all the life rafts.
If I can make the day go by a little smoother for us at a team then I will without a second thought.

So far atleast today it has worked out nicely so far. Our boxes are calm and caught up before 10am which will help when we start taking the rarely-seen lunch breaks.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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