Where did February go?

Alas, I am bad again at losing track of time and whoosh a month has gone by! Well there wasn’t much to it from my point of view. Getting back to work after the cruise was old hat and while some things have improved, the environment has not – not that I am surprised.

Hubby and I did not do much on VDay this year. We both had SNAFU weeks leading up to it and all I asked was that we go see a movie over the long weekend. Kingsman was awesome in the standard kid trains to become a young Bond but throw in a bit of Austin powers humor.  The rest of the weekend (memorial day) was spent chilling at home – Literally.

Over the last three weeks our area has been blanketed by alternating sleet and snow, while this does not stop the business continuity plan it has been a major downer for my running and my mood. We are just 2 weeks shy of the first day of Spring and I am already hearing the bluebonnet seeds whispering in the ground.  So close to my favorite season of green only to be roadblocked by Mistress Winter.

On the upside of it all this does allow for more quiet introspection that I have been lacking of late. Part of me is torn between wanting to try and make my work environment better for all and the other side wants to draw a line in the sand and say “I’ve done what I can. You failed to heed and now you can sleep in the bed you made.” Boundaries need to laid down but I guess I am much too caring for my own good.

Empathy sucks somedays.

In my own small way I am trying to improve things myself rather than waiting for others to do it. I am trying to make sure that people who help and make a difference to me get recognized for it, even the littlest things. It uplifts to mood and creates a feeling of worthwhileness which isn’t always present. “be the change you wish to see” makes sense in this regard.

Hopefully next week I will begin a new project at work that will phase me out of my current team and refocus on a more creative front. If Adobe ever emails me my license…



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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