The Vacation: Day 6

Day 6 – Day at Sea 01/29

After the 3 ports we had no choice but began the slow ride back to Houston. Today and tomorrow  are days at sea where time slows and at least today we discovered that rough seas affect Hubby more than me. We had swells up to 8 ft high, twice what we had experienced during the Waterpark half of the mangrove excursion and the boat was crashing through them. The up and down/ side to side had Hubby turning a slight shade of green.
They only made me sleepy.

We tried to do as much as possible on the lower decks from some last minute shopping, a towel animal demo and a slow lunch. Finally we hit this casino onboard.

We both lost 20 bucks at the slots but then turned our attention to the coin pushers that took credit cards. I played $15 bucks while hubby ended up pushing $20. He had more skill with it and ended up getting 3 prizes. Within an hour. 2 “bubbly” chip tokens and $8 cash.

The Bubbles :)

The Bubbles 🙂

We both believed we were getting 2 glasses of champagne. Nope, the bartender pulled out 2 BOTTLES of champagne and gave them to us!!! Hubby and  I just looked at each other and laughed in the elevator. Once back to our room we finished the bottle of Moscato and each took a final slice of the Oreo cake before placing that in the “take away pile” for our Room Stewart.

Officially, 7 cakes eaten….2 still wrapped.

No more cake. Pleaseeee no more cake for the rest of 2015! Plus I have drank more on this cruise than I have in probably 3 years.

I think this sugar overload will make it MUCH EASIER to give up the stuff and get back on track to healthy eating when we get home.

We lounged for most of the afternoon and went to dinner at Chin Chin, an Asian restaurant and enjoyed some Kung Pao chicken and a Cantonese scallop dish. Not feeling to overly full we order dessert. Then the manager of the restaurant came over with 2 additional desserts since it was the chocolaholics night on the ship. 4 desserts!!! I took a bite of the Hersey bar mousse cake one and literally began shaking due to the sugar overload. At that point I had to stop. Body was sending warning flags. Hubby finished them and I was busting at the seems again.

Not going to be hard to give up sugar now.

The final show was a circ de bujio put on by the cast members which was very amazing.


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