The Vacation: Day 5

Day 5 – Banana Coast (Trujillo), Honduras 01/28 Our 1 Year Anniversary

A year ago today I married my wonderful husband and partner in crime. We said our vows in the courthouse, ate dinner with family and friends and then on the way home – in traffic – the rear drive shaft shattered on the jeep.
We had another ceremony out if state for his family and the afternoon post ceremony I came down with what was the worst stomach flu that ever infected a human being. 2 days of non stop hurling at both ends with a near trip to the ER. When we finally got home Hubby got the bug.

It was these 2 events that triggered the whole we need a real vacation, 3 rd times a charm right?

So today was our final port in Honduras and we had 2 excursions: a mangrove exploration by boat and a historic bus tour of the small town. The first thing I noticed on my way to breakfast was the fact that this coastal region has MOUNTAINS.

Hubby taking photos before our trip to port

Hubby taking photos before our trip to port


The small town

The small town

Jungle covered mountain peaks with misty clouds around the top. Hubby and I spent the last few minutes before the meet up to go ashore to snag some great pictures and video. Cool thing was we were tendering via our own lifeboats since this port is only 6 months old – there isn’t a company yet for the cruise to contract with.

The Mangrove Exploration trip was really fun and different. The 3 boats we were in weaved in and out of cut channels through the mangroves where we saw many shore birds, crabs, wild orchids, termite mounds in the trees, cactus species living on the trees that looked like snakes. Our guide wasn’t very knowledgeable of the wildlife and it was hard to hear him even with the megaphone over the engine.
When it was time to head back to the pier we had a problem. We had come up the coast to the location and now the waves out at sea were 3-4 ft swells and breaking hard. We had no choice but to tackle them to make the arch back to the pier.
I was the only one having a good time in that boat as we rode the wild waves. Hubby needed my bandana to help over the camera from the spray that was soaking everyone. When we finally docked you could see salt ripples on my arms from the constant spray. The camera was safe so that was the important part.
I like to think we got an additional excursion fondly labeled “Waterpark”.

The  lead boat to the mangroves

The lead boat to the mangroves




Wild Orchids


The second excursion we had set was literally 30 mins later for a Historical tour of Trujillo from bus. Our guide was new trainee who either had too much to drink or clearly didn’t know how to lead a tour. Our group quickly dissolved when we began walking around the square. It was a small town, cobblestone roads with mostly construction around every curve. Very dirty and I didn’t feel too safe the way we were being eyeballed by the locals. The second trainer guide was too busy on her cellphone to help her trainee and when one couple said they wanted to shop at the vendors on the square, the trainer guide took them which I found very rude to the one trying to give the tour.  Naturally, they were late getting back to the bus to the point where they did not have time to let us look at the fort above the town.

When we got back to the port area there was no restaurants so we walked through the shopping areas and caught the next lifeboat back. Upon arriving to our room my husband had pre ordered a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of Moscato wine!  Absolutely so sweet of him! We toasted to fifty more years to our blissful marriage.
Needless to say we nibbled on a few of those before making a beeline for the Garden Cafe for lunch as it was closing at 2:30 and it was 2:10 now. Romance on an empty stomach doesn’t last long!
The rest of the day was spent napping and reading until we had to get dressed up for our reservations at Le Bistro the fancy French restaurant.

First off there was no children. And even though I was sunburned and probably gained 6lbs already my dress fit well and my husband still called me beautiful. I enjoyed the fruits de mer which was seafood in a cream sauce within a puff pastry and a lovely salad. Hubby got the same salad and what he called ” the best steak he has ever had”. Then to our surprise and delight we got our 8th cake of the trip, 3rd of the same type for our anniversary and they sang a very sweet song and everyone in the restaurant clapped.

They took pity on our very full tummies and boxed the cake to our room while we enjoyed the desserts we had already ordered. Half that cake didn’t get eaten but the burn out on cake was expressed by both of us after just a few bites.

6 cakes eaten ( Oreo still in process, 2 rum cakes unopened) in one week….

We left early to get our seats for this show as it was Jean Pierre who was a kick ass magician and comedian. I truly haven’t laughed that loud in a very long time!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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