The Vacation : Day 3

Day 3 – Cozumel, Mexico 01/26

First port and I was super excited. Hubby and I were to be going out snorkeling, his second time and my first in the ocean. After grabbing the now 40 lb snorkel bag we made it down to the dock to find our group.

Bad news, due to the choppy sea and safety issues with the rocks our excursion was cancelled. Hubby was pissed and I was disappointed. We chatted it over and decided that we wouldn’t go on a different excursion at a lower cost – we would just get the refund.

Grumpily, we headed back to the ship to get out of our rash guard clothes and drop the extra bag that was killing hubby’s shoulders.
Now dressed for walking we looked over the map we had been given and picked out a few places down the main road to get some shopping done and discover a lunch stop. Hubby got his shot glasses and I got a mug for myself and my mom, plus I got her some pearls as well. My supervisor Sarah will be getting a large tumbler to be used for beer or “juice”.

We stopped at Palmeras where we had some of the best Mexican food imaginable. The margaritas were seriously just lime juice and tequila and they were potent! My shrimp fajitas were da bomb! All this yummy food and we only paid $39. Amazing! Walking past a rum cake factory a few mini rums did come back with us on the ship.

After that we headed back to the ship for a much needed nap  only to be surprised by Hubby having an Oreo cake delivered! So yummy! While this first port was a let down due to the cancellation it was a home run for the sights and tastes. Dinner was at La Concina the Italian restaurant and dear lord… Amazing food to the point of busting. True Caesar with anchovies, pizza that would make you orgasm and the lobster pasta… I thought hubby was going to have to roll me out of the room after we slept a tiramisu.

9:15 was the comedian’s show and while I was busting at the seems from the food I was laughing with abandon. What a great way to end our first port!



Our Ship

Our Ship

The Jewel and sister ship docking with us - the Pearl

The Jewel and sister ship docking with us – the Pearl

7x7 Oreo cake

7×7 Oreo cake

Sunset, onwards to Belize

Sunset, onwards to Belize

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