The Vacation: Day 2

Day 2 – Day at Sea 01/25 Hubby Birthday

A day of food and of napping. Hubby and I got up to run/walk that morning were he stuck to the jogging track on deck 13 and I walked deck 7 amidst the maintenance crew who played musical blocking off different portions of the deck. Finally after 2.5 miles I wrapped it up and conceded the win to the crew.
Hubby and I wandered the boat to Tradewinds the duty/tax free shop and after breakfast and lunch 2 hour naps were taken. A surprise cupcake came for Hubby and  we snuggled up for Glorious naps.
Dinner was at a very filling Brazilian steakhouse and Hubby got a second birthday cake surprise our waiter laughed when he saw Hubby eat it all. Needless to say both of us vetoed the 9:15 show and chose to watch MIB and digest in the room.

Between 3:45-4am I was woken up by clanging pipes and the sounds of drill being used. Around 4:15 Hubby woke up and we both  decided 2 naps were too many to still get a solid night of sleep… Especially when our first port was that morning….

Tea on the Balcony

Tea on the Balcony

Sun rise

Sun rise

Sapphire seas

Sapphire seas

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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