The Vacation: Day 1

Day One – Leave Port 01/24

Naturally, I wake up fully caffeinated and jumping around trying to pull a mother hen move to get husband out the door. I’m ready to go!!! This is one of those moments where my husband seriously wonders who he has married. A woman or a rooster.

6am we drive out with the plan to be at the harbor port around 10:30am so we have a few hours to get through security and be able to be on the ship LEGALLY by Noon. Aside from our exit being closed and making me have to reroute a bit suddenly we held true to our timestamp.  We made our way through the Houston port area and found the cruise terminal for Norwegian.

The difference between “going through security” at a cruise port and and airport – no stripping and the most lax X-ray requirements I have ever seen. I had knitting needles in my bag, a 2 ounce bottle of gel and a strange folding box that held all my workout gear with enough wires and charges to make it look like a small bowl of spaghetti or a bomb.
Nope. No issue. Also after we parked the car for lock up, we walked in and there was no line. NO LINE. Within a grand total of 15 minutes we had gotten through security and checked in at the desk to get our cruise ID cards to verify that we did not have any major diseases. Then it was 11:00 and we were in the hurry up and wait mode. I called my mom and dad to say we had made it to Houston and I’d call them when we were back in the states. I texted my awesome supervisor a pic of the ship. She was having pig head at an Asian wedding and set me a picture back – clearly we both were winning that afternoon!
Around 11:20 they started calling for embarking in small waves and in no time at all we were on the ship. We ate lunch in the scrumptious garden cafe, wandered around and saw what there was to see. I admit the one bad thing I did was to overpack my day bag. That got a little heavy but around 1pm our suite was ready and I ceremoniously threw myself onto the bed.
The sheets were divine…

Around 3 the gates were closed and you could see from the ship how many people did not follow directions as it was said and written everywhere… The ship WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU. 4pm the captain pushed off the dock sideways and we were off! Hubby and I enjoyed ice cream cones on the aft of the ship as we headed out. It was the beginning to the my “no cellphone. No problem” vacation.
We had bought in to the Ultimate Dining Package which was an upfront of all the cover charges for the specialty restaurants. This night we had superb hibachi where I enjoyed perfect shrimp, scallops and a extra tasting of beef. Green tea cake was the cherry on top. At 9:15 was the variety act showcasing all the different entertainers on the ship. It was lights out after that.  Day 2 will be a day at sea.

Cruise Port - Houston

Cruise Port – Houston

Shipping yard

Shipping yard


Hubby Head clearance….not much!

Leaving port

Leaving port


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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