The Vacation: CRUISE!

Day 0 – Pre Cruise. 01/23

Today hubby and I would be driving down to to Houston to hope on the Norwegian Jewel to begin what would be my first cruise. As the Time fae were on my side this week I covered Monday’s Martin Luther King day I was given Friday the 22nd off. This paid out very well for me as I was able to put together a rather intense errand and packing list, after kissing my Love a good workday I set off at 7am.
As any good Traveler I planned my errands around catching lunch with my Sole Sister Christy and then a “I’m on vacation!” Pre cruise massage at Massage Green in the afternoon. Lunch was amazing as it was a huge Southwest Chicken  Caesar ( extra dressing deliciousness) and I had my first Swedish deep tissue massage where the therapist agreed to open my glutes only (rock hard glutes = agonizing lower back pain) since she didn’t want me stiff and sore on the cruise.
OMG that was the most painful bit of massage I have ever had…but damn did it feel amazing to be able to walk around without my back seizing up.

Hubby came home and we grabbed dinner and the last errand together. I crashed around 10:30 knowing full well I would be up driving us to Houston in the morning. He stayed up to pack and print our cruise paperwork necessities. Needless to say, he took a nap on the way down and vowed next time to take a prep day on the next cruise.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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