Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

Christmas has come and gone and it was wonderful to see my in- laws and Hubby’s friends, out in Missouri and Kansas. The drive was a touch crazy and for someone who is not use to “noise” (Hubby and I are cozy quiet) it was something to test the boundaries of sanity to not let the twitching show through.

I remember after one particular night where Hubby and I were getting close to our threshold we left early and enjoyed a small pizza at Old Chicago with some dark beers from their local brewery.

I looked at him.

He looked at me.


Kids? No Thank you.


So it was great to hang out and then come home to relax for a new days before coming back to work. I am a big supporter of personal peace and that is one think I am going to fight for in 2015.


After getting back home 12/28 the last few days was dedicated to relearning to taking it easy. I worked on my knitting project often, watched nearly all of my new Blue Rays Hubby had gotten me and just drank hot tea. It was incredible! I didn’t care about getting all the laundry done ASAP or cleaning this dishes…I just CHILLED.

Another project I work on during December/January is the latest copy of Leonie Dawson’s Life and Biz workbook for the coming year. This is a MASSIVE planning and intention setting tool to focus your thoughts on what goals you want to accomplish during the year.

So far I just have a few pages done (always takes me a while). I plan to begin bringing the notebook up with me to the office during the lulls.

There are 2 intentions I am setting already.


I am so bad about RUSH, RUSH, RUSH and then feeling guilty when I can’t get everything done.

I will put everyone else’s needs before mine and then wonder why I am so drained that self care doesn’t happen. Total burn out last year sucks.

– More sensual showers (candles, music, nice soaps)

– More massages

– More Art

– Only 1 load of dishes/laundry a day. (anti- rush rush)

– Gentle walks and less running for medals

  1. No O.T. @ Work, if possible.

The final paycheck last year included 15 hours of Overtime. It was pretty and the extra moolaa was great for cruise stuff but it was one of the hardest pay periods to live through. The money really is not worth it.

  1. Write More.

This is a big one as I have a habit to drop off my writings. Also I have had a novel idea tease me for a few weeks now and I am beginning to get the itch to take up pen and paper again. Major work on character and universe research and tweaking but when the Muse Strikes…I really don’t know what medium it will be.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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