Dearest Lady,

 Today marks a wonderful shift in the worklife situation I find myself in. Thanks to the brass under my belt I took up the challenge and answered the job application for the tech writer spot that my director posted. It was solid job- within my current pay range and beyond plus I would be ina position who’s goal would be creating.

Sure, the creations are SOPs and elearning applications but it’s more along my lines of work – creating.

 While I was very hopeful my Director would appreciate my bluntness and interest I was not selected for the position (I have a hunch he already knew who he wanted externally). While this saddened me a little I really perked up when he told me he wanted me to Shadow her and learn the trade. I was even given the assignment of leading the charge on the SOP creation for my own team when the time came for it.

While to most this is a bread crumb, this is HUGE. This is my stepping stone out of my current team and into a new position. I will also be the force that brings about positive change here for the down trodden.

They ask people to step up and that’s my plan – regardless of other people’s opinions. My life, my chance.

 The other reason why I am so excited for this chance is that I will be learning true tech writing skills I can apply to my ebook creation and life coach materials in the future.

I have the passion to write – I just do not know the tech skills to get the publishing and piecing different items into one document (mental note – Adobe/

 The new tech writer starts at the end of this month and I am so excited to meet her and begin training with her. My boss is already getting requests to “borrow her” form other departments so this could very well lead to a new position for me in this building.

 Sky is the limit now!!!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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