Peace Love Run 5K / Must-Dash 5K

logoJust got back from a very humid and slightly damp run in Plano today. It was a tough go since my training runs had not been very steady this past week.

This race was in the same location as Must-Dask 5K that we ran 2 weeks ago, that race was extra hot but my galpal and I knew how to cool off in the fountains 😉

This is the second year for the Peace Love Run race with a different (and better) course that did not run us through the small park, where the still air and humidity was at its highest and you feel like you are being sucked dry and drowning at the same time.

Course Map 2014

This year there was not many booths and I think the turn out was smaller as well. Plenty of canines as this was a dog friendly race so I definitely got to smooch some pups 🙂

The Bad news was that the course was short, and not a full 5K based upon what our Garmin 620s were clocking. This made the Hubby a bit peeved because he would have made a new 5K PR by about 30 seconds if it had been certified.

Because of a few other things we are probably going to axe this race off the calendar for next year unless they amp it up. We really are past the small 5Ks routine now and will probably stick to the larger races with a 10K minimum- though I bet we’ll still do a few 5Ks just so someone can work on his PR 😉


2013MustDashlogo_0Now this race was FUN! Everyone was wearing fake fuzz on their faces and really getting into the groove.  You know you got to have a sense of humor to not giggle at the wacky colors 🙂 Again I am not sure if we will do this one again because we weren’t totally happy with the course but we will see.



And this is how you cool off after a hot 5K 🙂

safe_imageIf I could load the entire video you would really be laughing at our antics- totally having a 12 year old moment while Hubby was filming the entire thing and promptly posted it on Facebook!

Speaking of the handsome man he is getting cleaned up so we can go eat lunch at Panera. We are trying to be extra good for this meal because we’ll be at the RoughRiders game tonight and I am going to stuff myself on Brawts! (only time I get them)


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