DIY Motivation Wall

This idea came about when my hubby and I were discussing how to stay motivated on this new training regime for the Half Marathon. I am more of a visual person and frankly, I get more inspiration from than from my planner. The second half of it what I desperately needed to find a way to display my bibs and medals and get them out of the pile in the living room.

The catch all was a Motivational display to hang in our bedroom! Its a little bare right now but more things will be added this weekend 🙂




#1- a 30X40 Double framed canvas from Michaels. Hubby and I were plotting ideas with cork board (none too thrilling) with he piped up that “You could use a canvas!” “Guess what honey these are 40% off!” “Oh look the sale ends today!”…

As an artist I have an addiction to canvases, blank canvases make my fingers twitch. I was trying NOT to buy any more canvas…

Then HE decided to pipe up… *sigh* so this roughly $80 canvas was $45 after the discount and we picked up the remaining hardware too.


#2- To go with the Bedroom decor (modernish) I painted the canvas a light blotched green. To do this I wetted down the canvas with a spray bottle and then added dark green acrylic directly to it and pushed the paint around with water until I was happy with the  depth of color.

Then the glorious Walmart bags came into focus to “blotch” for texture. Got to love free art supplies 😉



#3- Dried and the sides are painted a solid black to match the bedroom furniture.


#4- the Tools: Plug in drill, bits, screws, wire and hardware.


#5- Back of canvas


#6- Picture hanging hardware with screws from our toolbox. I love these for larger paintings.





#7- The strung wire, not the prettiest job I’ve ever done but I have never strung a painting this large either.


IMG_0096 #9- Front eyehook and wire for the Bib displays on the front. Same process as the back.

IMG_0097#10- A small wood nail in the middle of the front to keep the wire from sagging under the bibs.


#11- The finished display!! Bibs hung, Medals up top and my training calendar on the right side. Its still bare but I will had more to fill it up 🙂


IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0099 IMG_0103 IMG_0102

#12- The Counter Jar. At first this had a monatary incentive- the nickels and quarters had specific value and as I completed a week or a workout I got to “give myself a dollar”.
However, Its really now more of a counting tracker for each day. The Hubby has a HUGE bottle of coins so thats why I picked those. Nickels = a completed workout. Quarters= a Week of completed workouts. I was using Pennies for “pounds lost” but since I took up that Ditch the Scale Challenge I have removed those from the set up.

Its a little bit of a “kiddy” method but hey, it works for me and hearing that *Clink* is so satisfying 🙂

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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