The Ditch It Challenge

June 1 2014 will be a day I will either sorrowfully regret or applaud until my hands sting.

 As most women, and few men know, getting your hair cut by your stylist is a total pleasurable pep talk that is typically cheaper than any variations of professional grade therapies. Venting, bitching and giving each other props for being your awesome kick ass selves is part of the ritual of beauty. Your stylist is like your ultimate confessor and no matter what, once you find The One- you never them go. In my 27 years I know I have had only 3 stylists.

 Like any normal chair session we chatted about my races, my hubby losing weight like a typical man (melts off!) and what ways we are going to improve ourselves. Both of us had fallen off the bandwagon regarding MFP and meal tracking. She had a newborn and I had no life outside of training and work.

 A surprise topic that we discussed was scale obsession. This is one topic that I try very hard not to discuss with other people because it can be so shaming and once someone hears that you “do that”, they will always look at you in that “IS she doing something bad to herself?” tone.
Scale obsession is a red flag for many eating disorders and body image issues. (which I’ve dealt with both, moreso the latter)

 So for my friend and stylist to admit to being scale centered and obsessed after her pregnancy kinda floored me. She had her bypass surgery and loved the weight room in her gym. Her attitude never gave me pause for consideration that she suffered from this – I consider myself a dang good vibe reader.
So there was some heartfelt bonding and out of the blue my Stylist challenged me.

 “A week of not weighing yourself.”

No- already do it once a week, that isn’t a challenge.

 “A month…”

No- I had done that a while back, not a challenge.

“No weigh ins until after your half marathon. Better yet Oct 1st.”

4 months without stepping on the scale??? Talk about a small anxiety attack. But it was a challenge…

So we shook on it and her goal was to make time for workouts and get back on MFP. Mine was not caving in to step on the scale.

 When I got home I told the Hubby who also agreed it would be a good test to see if I can redirect my focus to completing my training and not go nuts at the horrific water weight gain on a daily bases. He is always supportive of everything I try to do 🙂

So who is up for the Ditch It Challenge? Bring it!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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