New Ventures

thrill.of.the.grill.footAfternoon Lovelies!

Yesterday was the famous Thrill of the Grill 5K at our local Central Market! It was a fabulous morning for a race and I was certainly glad we got there early for parking considering the traffic and the 2500 people who came to enjoy the festivities.

This race I decided to push my pace harder than before. I had done a speed run a few days prior to this will good results so why not now?

I didn’t PR, though I was close. I was able to stay under 17:00/mile the entire race! Race time was 52:52 and boy was I tired! It was a solid run which led me to my next crazy idea…

Half Marathon: 13.1 Miles



Yes, I am beginning my training for this half marathon. Me, the crazy girl who has yet to run a 10K officially…

Yeah the sanity ship has sailed….

In order to be able to go the distance, all 13.1 miles of it I am beginning my training with this latest app from ClearSky. I have used their 5K and 5K Forever apps in the past. Its a little different so I will be also using a few training plans from Garmin and some online sites to create my schedule.

One thing all the plans discuss is “cross training” days. I for one, hate gyms. Even our little one for the apartments just irks me. So, I decided I would try Yoga…

sunstone+logoMy first class was today and ohhhh, my butt was handed to me!!! Sunstone is a local studio chain only in the Metroplex with its headquarters in Addison, Tx.

I went over the intro and walked into the Spark class. A balmy 90 degree / 60% humidity room. It was hot and soon I was slick with sweat and my yoga clothes (recently bought from Lane Bryant) were SOAKED.

I had more of a workout there then I had ever had on any training runs so far. I was feeling worn out and hollow but in a good way. I see this becoming a major stress relief for my crazy work week. Plus, if I can acclimate to this environment, running this Summer will be much easier. Remember- I live where 105-110 degrees is common.

Note to self- research camelbac water backpacks…


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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