Vows and Scowls

I’M BACK!!!!

I don’t have many photos yet but the vacation/honeymoon/vow renewal was a trip that was memorable in more than a few ways.


First off, I got to marry my Love again in front of “most” of his family (his mom could not make it, which was very disappointing) in one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been too. All the details were handled so I didn’t have anything to stress out over *total blessing!* We even had a 5K race the day before the ceremony.

Eureka Springs, AR was stunning! Such curves to drive! Texas is so flat that it is hard for me to imagine curves and dips on a road. The drive up was fabulous and just as enjoyable as our stay. We stayed at the quiet Pond Mountain Lodge in the Road Runner Cabin on site to where the wedding was to take place.

The was one downside…Sunday, 4th about 7:30pm I came down with the worst stomach flu I have ever experienced. Retching through the night, both ends and just totally miserable. I had never been that sick before and sadly there was nothing Bill could do to help me get better. Monday I thought I was better- nope. I had to stay in bed all day. Tuesday, our last day, I was still faced with back-end issues but we were able to go out to main street and walk about for a short while before my gatorade and “barely any crackers” self needed to crash back in bed.

Yesterday we drove back home, thankfully without me pulling a Girl Scout move on the side of the highway. We grabbed some dinner and I couldn’t eat hardly any of it (Dinner that I would usually enjoy with full gusto). A few bites of salad and sandwich and that is all I could handle – and I mean half of a half sandwich and a 1/4 of a small salad. Pitiful.

I have the rest of the week off so it is “crash on the couch and rest” so maybe I can be 100% healthy when Monday rolls around. Not fully ready to go back to work but the paycheck is certainly worth it 😉



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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