Well I didn’t die…5 MILE MAYHEM!


After a sweet calm work week (b’still my heart!) The trio went out into in the woods of Lake Lewisville for the 1st running of One Ale of a Trail 5mile race.

I had ran my first 5mile training run on Thursday so I was like “Sure, I’ll be fine”…

Ahhhhh my ego, its a funny thing.

This race was the hardest thing I have physically done and not due to the distance, but the terrain was just NUTS! Hard gravel road to uneven rutted path through the woods through gullies and foot hills – yeah I had no clue what I was getting myself into.


I ended up walking the last 3 miles to preserve my ankle but more so to enjoy the lack-of-noise. I actually turned off my music and soaked up mother nature’s wonders. I can tell you it had been years since I was in a space where I could heart Gaia’s heartbeat and just feel  “at peace”. I stopped running and just wandered.

In this simple place I met a wonderful Spirit whom joined me enjoying the peace and quiet. She and I shared stories and I braided my energy with her so that she could make it to the finish. She had only been walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day…I don’t know who her buddies were but clearly she wasn’t up to this trail. She felt like giving up- ya’ll know I wasn’t gonna be hearing that. So between laughs and positivity sharing we crossed the finish line together with hugs and well wishes. (She even bragged to Bill about me- it was sweet). Her name was Angela DeChurch and she was my inspiration and I was hers.

You never know who you will meet on these races and how they will touch your Soul. One thing I will say about the running community – Everyone is cheering for each other and its the only sport that I haven’t seen trash-talk or negative driven antics.

Today, was a fabulous recovery day with a 90 min massage and cloud watching. The metroplex was due for some serious storms but it seems that the thunderheads are still building but its unlikely I will see any rain from them, everything is north east of me. Sad but as spring continues I am sure we will get the infamous Storm season.

Final thought of the day: For the short week ahead….


Your thoughts are like food for the soul. Don’t eat the shitty stuff! 🙂


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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