Up for air!


Yesterday marks the end of the crazy 2 weeker at work and in truth, it has gone much better than I expected. I thought the office building would collapse and we would still have zombie requesters chasing us…note to self: lay off the horror flicks for a while.

All in all the first week was the roughest with my coworkers deciding to put me in a new box to work for the entire 2 weeks. I had one really bad day but things smoothed out and this week has been busy… REALLY Busy but the stress has not been bad at all.

I am so so so thankful we were able to “borrow” a previous coworker for this week. She has been a godsend in keeping us sane and helping with the really confusing requests.

Outside of work life has been calm for the most part. The 2nd half of the deposit for the may wedding is processing and I have the more gorgeous glass pendant coming my way from Germany. The wonderful Etsy artist LavenderCreek Glass as an angel and worked with me on a payment plan for the lusciousness. I sent the last payment this morning so it will be shipping on Tuesday!

Oh I love how the world works!

I had also got word from Jewels of Saraswati that the charms were finally in and my new Throat Chakra was on its way. She had some issues with her caster and these had been delayed over a month.

The following day, last Saturday, Hubby and I had lunch with our galpal and she surprised me with my choice of the Sacral or the Throat chakras that she had just got in the mail. She had forgotten that I had won the contest from the FB trunk show J Naturally, I got the 2nd pendant- the Sacral. So far I have JoS’s full line of the Chakra charm jewelry as of now.

The Sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra which is near our sacred center (above the privates and below the navel) it governs the creativity in all things, the feeling of abundance and sensuality. Its stand for personal power and the center for ambitions and goal reaching. JoS named this charm “Let it go.”

How fitting for the last 2 weeks!

Also its is irony because I have had Frozen’s “Let it Go” stuck in my head for the longest time.

I think my Guides are giving me a nudge 😉

However the celebrations are not yet over for the surviving of the crazy week! We had a great 5K at Trek the Trails in McKinney this morning and soon a baseball game in Frisco J Perfection!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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