When it rains! Dance!

So Mother Nature decided that it was time for the bluebonnets to erupt all over Plano. Aka- LET IT RAIN!

So naturally it was an anti run day in Mindyland. Can’t enjoy the storms when running in them ( well you can in a light rain, but this is not light rain) I relent when we have a flash flood warning in effect.

So after the normal deliciousness of lunch at Panera Bread. My sweetheart expressed a desire to get his hockey skates back on.

This is funny because ever since we were dating he has wanted to get me onto the ice. Now, I am about as graceful as an elephant on derby skates. The idea of the elephant wearing ice skates……HAHA no.

So the back and forth has always been, if he gets good enough to help my sprawled form up from the snow angel position I would rent a pair of skates to try it myself.

So far he has not fallen in the last 30 minutes so you can bet i think I might be on the ice sooner than I was thinking.

Oh god…

A birthday party of 20 some odd children under 10 just arrived.
Well this just got interesting….

Stay tuned fr the results of this public skate!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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