Peace and Positivity


Namaste Darlings!

Welcome to a new fun packed adventure on this lovely Tuesday!

Today I am sooo happy because I have my first Work From Home day! Finally, now I only have to go into the stressful office 4 days a week. Now I have my personal laptop next to me- for music right now- while I type this in a word document so that my clicks are counted and it doesn’t seem that I am taking advantage of being at home.

Okay I am, only cause it uber slow and there is not much work that needs to be done right now. Plus let me tell you what… those dishes will not wash themselves! We need to develop a Rosie robot from the Jetsons to take care of these housecleaning bits!

The reason why I am so excited (besides the fact that I get to wear jeans 2 days during the week now) is that I finally had a great epiphany yesterday when it was slow at the office due to the ice.

You see, I am trying to get out of the corporate world. I want to save up and begin taking Life Coaching classes and develop an online coaching business- though what angle is difficult to say right now.

I want to spread the positive outlook model, managing stressors, gratitude and work with women especially on body image issues. I see a definite need for healing and implementation on these issues.

Yet, my flaw is I want to jump in NOW! I want to have the money to take classes, now. I want to resign now to peruse this goal. I want for my stressors to go away now. I feel like I have to be a 1950s housewife and a 21st century woman trying to stay in the rat race for the money and security but also get a business off the ground- when I know nothing about business in the first place. Don’t even get me started on how scared I am about failure and how that would probably put stress my marriage.

Talk about self imposed “stretched thin” mentality!!! ACK!

As usual my Hubby, being so wise, told me to slow down…the dream will not fly away if I don’t catch it instantly. Small goals. Let this be the “Pre- year” to build the foundation for the business.

He really is my soulmate…knows me better than I know myself! *swoon*

So 2014 will be the Foundation Year. With a few goals:

1. Pay off credit cards – there is about 7G that I need to pay down in the next 9 months. Is it do-able? Heck yeah! Have I been working on it? Definitely. Can more be done? Certainly.

+ getting on Hubby’s insurance with free up $250 a month.

+ getting my carpooler off will save me $80 a month in toll fees

+ No carpooler will also save me an additional $30 a month in    gas

+ I have some gold I can sell and use that for savings.

2. Save $500 for the ceremony in Arkansas for May. I want to wire the 2nd half of the deposit in mid April so there is nothing pending when we get there.

3. Absorb knowledge about Business practices – like I said I don’t know anything about business. I have a degree in Fine Arts. So I need to educate myself on practical business and all the nitty gritty about how to reach customers via online and social media. Pricing products would be good to know as well.

If I learn this business side (or atleast have a good grasp) I will be in a great place when I begin my life coaching program.

4. Keep up with Creativity and Self Care – I have not being the best at holding true with this one. I am so use to taking care of others’ needs before mine that it leads to burn outs and stress on why I can’t get my stuff done + why I feel like I have to put my stuff on the back burner which upsets and depresses.

+ keep up with my VIP massages

+ work on paintings during the weekend

+ keep running (twice a week)

+meditate /blog more

+ take personal day(s) to recharge

YES! This Foundation Plan is really where I need to be. Simple. Easy. Doable.

Note I did not say “RUN ___miles a week” or “Lose ____pounds” or “Eat less _____”.

This is because I am working on keeping my mind in a ‘Place of Abundance’ and not in a ‘Place of Lack’. But that is another post for later 😉

May your day be bright Darlings!



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