Filling the canvas

I have not posted many pictures of my Canvas yet.

The Muse had been slow to offer inspiration on one painting that has been on my work table for several weeks and I wanted to get more done on it before I began sharing it with you.

Art has always been my creative outlet, whether it was Sketching and jewelry making in my younger years, glassblowing and kiln work in college (got my degree in the studio arts) and finally textile abstract mixed media when playing with fire got too expensive to be done outside on my own. Plus, the likelihood of me blowing up the house was always too much of a risk.

Birthing a canvas is a process all it’s own. I never actually sketch a painting before I begin. It is always guided by intuition and emotion which as you can imagine changes so much over the course of a few hours. I get a fuzzy mental image of what the painting desires and then go to work.

There are days of fast pace progress where the painting possesses me until it is finished and then, more often, a painting requires the most patience. One layer of color at a time…one additional texture applied to dry…then weeks of waiting for the vision to morph and change- lifting the veil on what the Muse desires from me.

Painting is my internal expression when I can’t voice it.

I don’t speak of it often but I have had 2 “Dark nights of the Soul” in my life. One involved another hurting soul who unleashed his pain upon me and the other was when my faith was used against me by one I had called sister. Both were eye opening experiences to reality but also needful lessons for myself…course I didn’t think this way for several years.

But people grieve and heal in different ways. Certain things I never voiced in order to protect others, so immersing myself in the arts was my escape and, to my surprise, the healing balm I needed.

Now my paintings are more joy filled adventures that leave me with more paint on my hands than on the canvas and takes days to fully get clean. I love the abstractness and the raw emotion they have developed into. The layering techniques of texture (from chicken wire to cheese cloth to guitar strings) has evolved into something I can’t even describe- let alone name.

Naming works? How? LOL!

Any ways, I have 3-4 that are ready for their debut so I hope to have them posted on here soon. If I can dig through so older photos I will see if I have a series of  how certain paintings came into being. They are funky…

My motto – “If it can be stuck to canvas, its fair game”



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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