To Do List Diva

For those who don’t know I am a To Do Lister. Every morning I plan and plot my day around my cubicle time in order to get stuff done and still have some sanity time at the end of the day.

However there are pitfalls of being a type A when it comes to getting shit done.

This weekend was a prime example.

Friday my husband surprised me with chocolate and tickets to see Jeff Dunham at the AA Center. I was through the frickin roof excited! Saturday was our Cupid 5K race in McKinney and then we vegged out until it was time to go to the show.
My husband decided we should leave early for Fry’s so he could look for a mouse and then gave me directions to some other location (I thought dinner)….nope he got me to Rock Barrel. The only local Gem and Mineral shop in DFW.

For those of you who don’t know I am a rock hounding fanatic! Naturally I was drooling and my fingers itched to hold them all. I was good and only got 4 pieces and stayed under $100.

Then it was Dinner at a steak joint and the greatest Jeff Dunham show ever! 🙂

So that was Saturday… Sunday and Monday was cleaning day. and when I say cleaning I mean CLEANING DAY… Sunday was the upstairs and Monday was the downstairs along with investing in the new pots and pans we’ve been wanting. Both long days of hard work.

Yesterday, Tuesday I had taken the day off to get the name changing business started. Yet I still got up when my husband did and got ready for the morning normally. I had my to Do list ready of all the errands I needed to try to cram in on this special day off (very hard to get a day off normally)

It went something like this:

pay medical bill – 730amcounty clerks office – 8am
Social Security office  – before 9am if possible
write thank yous
donate clothes
drop off lease renewal
haircut at 115pm


Here was the pit fall and undoubtedly one of my stupidest moments. I didnt eat breakfast and my body had gotten use to breakfast burritos in the morning at work…so by 11:30am I hadn’t had any food or water I was feeling it. then my hypoglycemia hit hard.

I got home and ate yogurt and an english muffin and sucked down 32 oz of water in the span of about 15 minutes. Stomach did NOT like that after 6 hours of no food.
Thankfully I held it down enough to feel a bit better and get to a sustainable lunch spot. Ofcourse after eating I felt like crashing for the rest of the day.

Which I did from 330-4;30 when I got home. Out cold. My husband had to stir me awake cause he thought I might have been sick. We snuggled and had some fun before dinner but right after that by 730pm I was in bed and out cold again by 8pm.

Surprisingly enough, I slept through the night for a grand total of 9.5 hours of sleep.

Lesson Learned- take care of yourself or your body will rebel and put you in your place.

I had wanted to indulge and get myself a few massages this long weekend but ever had the time to make the appointments. So this weekend there will be a nice 2 hour massage. and a whole bunch of nothing. A Recovery weekend is in order.

Take care of yourselves guys and gals, if you do make the To Do lists  schedule some down time in it for you! Don’t Go Go Go Go! until burn out happens- its not fun and takes longer to recover then you think.



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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