When to call it a day

Never underestimate what your body is telling you. If you are tired at 8:15 pm and beginning to drool on you loved one’s shoulder while watching Olympics recap- it REALLY is time to get to bed.

No, “I’ll power through it.” No, “power nap later”.

Just go.

Because weeks of broken sleep will catch up to you.

And by 8:30pm you will dead to the world. You won’t hear the phone go off. Or your loved one get excited about USA winning. You won’t even notice the demon orange fluffball who normally tolerates you most days ( you took away his human and his side of the bed after all) decide that curling up against your crotch and therefore restricting any side turnovers or blanket snuggles is the best fricken idea his cat brain has ever had…..

Well next to peeing on you when you manage to finally dump his ass into the floor sometime in the night (too dead to the world to realize it, anyways).

You will however, sleep a solid 9 hours…unheard of during the work week. And nearly miss the cat puddle. Nearly.

This 9 hours prepares you for whatever comes the next day.

1. Like, a skunk in the ceiling of the office whom is happily spraying his new home next to the air ducts…
2. Or like 1 co worker leaving for a nearly forgotten court date.
3. And another phoning in about a death in the family out of state. (said state us about to become an ICE Cube) for the rest of the week.

Thus leaving you to run an office of 7 with only 3 people.

Steady busy with a touch of crazy on the side 🙂

Thank you Karma for making me drool on my husband and thus going to bed like a 10 year old. It saved my sanity today.

I wish I could say the same for my bunny slippers…

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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