Because I said I would…

Because I said I would…

 After the post wedding bliss and the jeep breaking down right after the reception, life has returned to normal. Everyone told me that life would change after the wedding – I have yet to see that happen. My husband and I are pretty much the same as we were before the ceremony. If we were suppose to act differently or have a character 360, we have missed that memo. Still total running goofballs and hopelessly in love with each other.

 I am glad I finally get some time to write a little bit at work today. Last weekend the trio raced the Hot Chocolate 5K at FairPark and despite the weather my times were good, with a small improvement which I credit to the new Asics 20s I bought. They are definitely helping the foot strike but thicker sock will be needed to break these bad boys in.

Sadly, I got a call from my M-I-L right after the race that my Husband’s brother’s house burned the previous night. Everyone was okay and thankfully only the dogs were there when the fire started. His brother was able to get them out and also get the laptop with all the family photos on it. Today they should be able to get inside after the fire marshal has cleared the structure. It is their hope that the kitchen and kid’s playroom are okay and salvageable.

 I am just glad that they are all okay and hope they can move beyond this traumatic event.

 It is times like this where you really begin looking with opened eyes at all the blessings that you have in your life and that some can be taken away without warning.

 I know I bitch about my current employment often, more often than a “positively driven person” should, but you know our work environments can suck major dockey balls some days. Whether being a stressful job, lack of leadership or the down talking between the ranks a negative environment can become the root cause of any “dis-ease” in your life can cloud your sight to what blessings you truly have.

 My job is not really all that bad- it pays well but my dissatisfaction is because I am sitting in front of a computer screen and helping a huge billion dollar company make more money and I don’t see my gifts really being used to help others.

 But this job can help “Pay” for the training and investment I need. It can pave the way for clear credit which would also be amazing as well.

 So in a way, when you finally stop agonizing over the personal/professional Drama and BS (which every office will have to some degree) this is the right path for me “right now” because it makes affordability possible.

 Plus, I am able to branch out and network for my personal projects as well with friends and contacts I have made here in the last 7 months. If I am able to, I can sign up for online trainings for business and begin a foundational understanding- at least it would look good to the managers that a contractor is taking on non- required trainings. SAP training benefits anywhere I go- job wise.

 Sure, it’s not the route I would have picked for my career but there is a reason for everything. I need to be more mindful about my attitude and find the blessing in everything…well minus mosquitoes…

 And cockroaches…

I am grateful for the opportunity of this lesson I received over this weekend.  Be grateful what you have- not blinded by what you don’t have.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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