Wedding, Races and Cold places

I’m back Everyone!

First off I must say the wedding was perfect! Nice and easy stroll to the courthouse and after signing some papers My man and I are officially hitched! Now the fun paperwork begins of the name change  😛 Oh Such fun! I am still trying to get a hold of the Social Security to get some answers about which IDs are needed and if I mail in my passport will I get it back!

Last Sunday our Running Trio preformed at Too Cold To Hold in Dallas and it REALLY.WAS.COLD!

Temps in the low 30s and a windchill of the teens we still went out and killed the course. My galpal ran the 5 miler and my sweetheart, newly married husband 🙂 ran the 10 miler.

Yes… 10 miles. I was so flipping proud of him! Soon he will be at half marathon status 🙂

I ofcourse- not having much time to run due to work- stuck with the 5K and did okay. Training will have to be revamped to start pushing distance and catching up with them. I would LOVE to pull a half marathon this year but that might be not realistic enough.

Course it would help if it would stop snowing! There’s a fine line of cold weather I simply can’t run in, especially in the dark of night or early morning. It may just be time to get our the gym code and hit the complex’s gym.

Now tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate Run at Fair Park, Dallas and it should be a sweet deal! (yeah sorry I just had to go there this morning). Will be cold again but if the weatherman holds true we might *MIGHT* just hit the 50s by midday.

Well its time for me to brave the roads and grab my carpooler for work. Pray there are no ice patches! Positivity folks!



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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