Resolution Run 5K & Garmin 620

Happy Hump Day!
I am so psyched from last Saturday (1/18)- The Trio got back together for the 2014 running season!

Total Game ON!

photo 2

Saturday was the Resolution Run in McKinney,TX and it was a great small race. I think due to the long weekend they didn’t have nearly as many people out there as usual.  It was a touch cold but nothing that Turkey Trot or Komen last year.

Monkey kicked the 10K butt and actually beat me to the finish line during the home stretch. Victory was celebrated at La Madeline’s with double shot hot chocolates….

Heavenly hot chocolates…purely sinful.


The rest of the weekend was alright, I did some light cleaning up around apartment and a few errands. I had a rough morning run Monday- resulting more from RunKeeper failure.

I have no clue how it happened in the armband but somehow RunKeeper died.

It completely shut down mid run without any warning.

Stranger still, when I finally realized I hadn’t heard the voice tell my distance in a while and looked on my iPhone- it was gone.

Gone… as in the App was no longer on my phone AT ALL.

Meaning, I have no clue how far I had ran before the app uninstalled itself, whenever that had been…

Oh I was ticked!!! Epic Runner Rant ensued for a good 30 minutes before I was able to ground and center myself back to a positive state of mind (Sometimes you have to own your negative emotions and allow them to run their course).

After a calming lunch with a galpal I ordered a Garmin 620 GPS watch. Monkey had gotten one and could do nothing but sing its praises as the ultimate machine. He even had compared the 620 (latest) to the previous 220 model and there was no comparison between them.

Run On! Frisco ended up finding the one I wanted in Coppell and had it redirected to their store by Friday.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) I got the amazing call that it was already here! WOOT!!! After dropping off my carpooler coworker I made a beeline to pick it up, Steve the store manager was even more surprised that it came in so fast. Tonight will be the first run with it and I am super excited! J

photo 1


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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