Hotcake Hustle 5K/10K 2014

Ahhh the 2014 Running season has begun!
And by running season I mean a new 365 days 🙂

Hotcake Hustle was a great Run On! race this morning granted a touch chilly until the sun came up. Monkey registered for the 10K and did an amazing job while I stuck to my 5K.

I remember running this race last year, my 2nd race ever, infact. I remember struggling to jog up the steady incline bridge (it was a total bitch). This time? I owned that bitch of a bridge! I was able to keep a steady pace up and down both times.

Me at the 2013 race

Me at the 2013 race

Me and Monkey

Me and Monkey 2014

I finished in 53 minutes, only 2 minutes longer from my best time ever. That isn’t bad considering I hadn’t ran for a month before this. 🙂

WOOT! Next weekend is the Resolution Run 5K 🙂 I hope ot get a few training runs in this week to start getting my distance back on track for 10K goal this year.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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