Funny how that works…

Oh kittens I had a glorious nights sleep last night! Went up right after dinner about 9pm, took my Zquil (elixir from the sleep goddess I swear) and promptly knocked out hard all night…

Due to stress I’ve been having issues with sleeping through the night but yesterday- a day where I should have been totally at my max capacity – the Divine reshaped the day to a nice easy crawl and my interview went well.
The best part was the fact the new manager, who I have yet to meet with, was not in it due to a conflict of schedules. So the man I was so concerned about impressing….NOT THERE! The other 2 ladies I knew so it was a nice relaxed interview. I didn’t need my notes!

The job I am hoping to get would be a full time Perm position as Team Lead for a sister group of my Department. Thankfully, this group does more specialized (and lighter) workload than what I currently do. Plus, being a FTE has all the perks 😉 After 6 months in the hardest department team…I think I’m due for an upgrade.

No clue when the decision will be made but I am hopeful!!!

*crosses finger and toes* 🙂

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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