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Hellooo and welcome to this edition of breakfast! The most important meal of the day and with it comes the most important choice of the day.

Am I going to be reactive to the world around me or receptive?

Reactive to me is like a knee jerk reaction to whatever is going on in your life directly at the moment. Now this can be a negative reaction or a positive but I would say that most of us have instant reactions in a more negative front.

Receptive, in my mind blends well to “Re Acceptive” where you accept how things are and you consider this before you react, if you react at all. Accepting that bad stuff happens to us all is one step closer to getting rid of the Chicken Little complex we have.

One thing I have learn over this past year is not just facing your fears but also accepting them and realize those fears were put in motion to protect you either consciously or unconsciously.

I have a mental habit I am still trying to break. I play the What If game.

Best example was the meeting we had Monday. Before that I would go over every possible scenario that could happen from the nice one where everyone agrees, to the one where I throw my badge on the table and quit.

The What If game has two sides . Its Negative because it causes stress and worry for us (and hard as hell for me to get a decent night sleep). Yet, the positive side is that this is a mental conditioning we create so that we can be prepared for anything- including disappointment. So there are no surprises for us to knock us off balance…but getting this habit to stop on the little things that don’t deserve so much worry and energy is difficult.

Because after a while you habitually get more anxious. That leads to slew of more problems you really don’t want to deal with.

So in the mornings you have to ask yourself- are you going to knee jerk through the day or are you going to be receptive that things are going to happen, both good and bad and you are willing to not only accept but also honor it and try to see what lesson it brings you?

These are two wonderful posts from a group I follow on my personal FB and I think they are very fitting for today.






Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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