Daily Gratitude WOOT!

Sooo happy with today!

The meeting went well, bit awkward but par usual in CubicleLand. My Manager did come help me out getting an application out for another position under this department. My friends on that team are hopeful that I get the position. It is alot less stressful than what I am doing now and I feel it could be a better fit for my personality.

I took my 2014 organizer- filled with Leonie Dawson’s workbooks, calendars and daily planning pages where I can list hourly what to get done and more specifically how to stay mostly sane at work and still get some DreamWork done between the crazy.

I was really proud of how I kept calm during the meeting. I smiled, I looked people in the eye and took good notes. I kept my energy tight against me and by staying that focused the meeting was quickly over.

So thankful that I didn’t allow myself to get pulled into the drama. The rest of the day was smooth and uneventful.

Thank goodness for the small things today. Now to snuggle with hot tea and wind down for some well earned sleep. 🙂 Woot Woot!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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