When work gets crazy

More Tea and hold the Bullsh*t.

Today will be a case for positivity at work. We are having a BIG team meeting to hear our manager address any concerns we have regarding the state of the department. These concerns were put in a fishbowl to keep their origins anonymous (sort of).
I had my concerns proofed by 3 people so there was no way I could be fired for my concern- I was pretty damn happy with my end result, polished and most of all True.

Unfortunately the manager looked through the bowl, read my letter and then told team lead “whomever wrote this needs to put it in bullet format”.
I admit I was very anti- positivity LadyBugs. The next day I took mine out and ripped it apart and trashed it. I felt my concerns were dissed and I refused to change my concern.

We all have a bet that this meeting will be more empty promises for positive change we need and I will have to BEHAVE and not laugh outloud. Its redonkulous folks! Pure Redonkous!

But, I must be proper- the new position I am trying to get in the other area of the dept answers to this Manager so I need to stay positive and fly low on the radar…Stealth mode!  If  I act up and draw attention to myself he will probably decline my move.

Ahhh office politics. Empaths excel at this game only when necessary.

So I will soak up my pure happy bubble and chill during this meeting. I will listen because it is a kindness to him and I was raised to be respectful of others.

I have the knowledge that when I leave this job I did everything I could to promote positive change and establish the needs of the department. I can be content with that. You can’t make a donkey drink water once you lead him to it.

I’ll let you know how it went 😉


Redonkous…I like that word, totally mine now!!!



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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