2014: A Year of Positivity Challenge

Good morning LadyBugs!

I have finally took the plunge and imported all my blog posts into 1 blog and my challenge is to keep it that way. So it may be a wee bit spazzy in here until I get things laid out proper.

As with anything new and exciting I am looking forward to 2014 for a few reasons…

1) New Year, New Goals.

I always work with Leonie Dawson’s workbooks each year to build up my step by step guide to any goals I wish to succeed at. BIG GOALS, little steps. That’s really the only way I can be sane and still make it. This Blog is a small step for a bigger picture I am working towards. YEEHAWWW! www.amazingbizandlifeacademy.com

2) The Positivity Challenge.

My Challenge for myself 2014 is to stay in my Positive Bubble as constantly as I can this year, though there will be many challenges to this- my current job and the environment attached to it. I have a tendency to have anxiety attacks due to stressors, unfortunately these have been happening more and more often. So, to handle these I am challenging myself to NOT.LET.IT.GET.TO.ME.
It will take hard work but I know I got this. I can do this and bring about positive change for my life. I got the tools, just need to be better at implementing them

3) Pinterest O’ Gratitude: I always wanted to do something with Pinterest. Never really felt called to collect ideas from it though. Then I read a FB post from one of my positivity pages I follow:


So, this gave me inspiration and so did this video from Upworthy.com from their FB page:


So why not take pictures everyday for what I am grateful for and create a daily Pinenterst that I can link up to this blog….

So that is something I will try to get set up today if possible.

4) Keep posting about the Running:
I started the Couch to 5K app late 2012 with my husband and galpal with my first 5K race in December.

2013 I had the Goal to run 12 races. I shattered that by running 14 5Ks total.

2014- I am doubling that to 24 races this year. 1 race must be out of state, 1 race must be 10K distance, 1 race must be a 5 miler.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am NOT one of those cute ladies in yoga pants with perfect makeup and wearing matching running suit to her sunglasses… HAHAHA!

That’s me below on the RIGHT, posing with my Sole Sista after completing my first Color Run (note- the slower the pace, the more color you get)

Color Run 2013

As you can see I am clinically obese (sitting around 285lbs currently) but I can and have run 3+ miles. The most I have ran was an epic 6 mile (16 minute pace) training run and hitting my first 10K goal.

So No matter your size, ladies and gents, you can run. Yes it will hurt at times. Yes you will do something stupid and be on a month long recovery (just finished mine)…but the high of saying I RAN 6 FUCKING MILES!!! You will be dancing a sexy boom boom dance and know, FOR A FACT- that if you can run _____distance you can do anything you damn well want to.

Haters will hate and judge you – but this fat bitch can run as fast as your mouth and by then I’ll be far from your Negativity! For the WIN!

5) Healthy Mind, Body, Soul.

You can’t outrun a bad diet. Exercise it 20% of the effort, Eating healthy is the other 80%. Eating Wisdom is a MUST!
Now I am not saying you must turn Vegan and make Tofu look like steak…
I dislike Tofu as much as the next person.

This is what I did- some small changes, SLOWLY made over time:
-Swapped 2% milk to 1% ,then to 1/2% then to skim milk.
-Used smaller plates for dinner
-Cut out all sodas (this was hard but so necessary)
-Began drinking one 32oz bottle of water a day…
then bumped it to 2 bottles…
then included morning and afternoon tea breaks… (for sanity sake at work)
So now I drink 12+ glasses/ 84 oz of water. (mind blown- a gallon is 128 oz)
– Changed up the recipes. Discovered where things could get swapped for healthier items.
-Portion control. OMG guys….restaurants in Americas serve on average 3-4 portions per plate!
–  Cut out mindless eating (its mindless Hot Tea drinking now LOL! I’m a lost cause!)

As you saw above this Exercise and Food Wisdom = Healthy Body.

Learning to stay positive, implement tools when the stress hits and be grateful for the littlest things = Healthy (and sane) Mind.

Healthy Soul? Doing what you love. Figuring out what you want to do in life and follow your passion. This is so hard…I am even still trying to figure this one out and how to balance it all with my stressful 9-5 job.

But I love to write. I love to create. I love to paint and I LOVE, love, love, Hot Tea! So for now I do everything I can to do a bit of these things each day to stay balanced, sane and happy.

Its my life right? I can do whatever I want! I’m in control of my dreams and its up to me to chase them and pounce!

Will I fall down on my butt? Yeah.
Will I make mistakes at times? Ofcourse.
Will I get discouraged and bitch? A small bit.

But you know what PandaBears? Its all good…

Mistakes do not mean Failure.
Mistakes means You Are LearningThat’s all it means.

Strike out the word “Failure” and all negativity attached to it from your Vocabulary.
That word was created to control you to what society wants us to be.

“You are a Failure if you can’t do ___________”
“You are a Failure if you don’t have ___________”
“You are a Failure if you look like ___________”

Well by society’s standards I am an ugly fat bitch who will never get a great paying job, find love, get married or amount to anything of worth…

Yeah…. WRONG! I am a beautiful Positive Soul who loves to make others laugh and brighten their day. I have a stressful but great paying job at a Fortune 15 company (and I have a BFA in Art). I am marrying the Love of my Life in 23 days. Did I mention I create wondrous art and love to write love letters?

Yeah Society’s full of crap- don’t listen to It’s Message.

Figure out your own message and profess it to everyone. The world needs you Darling! Be your radiant self! Strut your stuff and let everyone be mystified!

You can do it!!! I Believe in you!

*High fives*


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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