Turkey Trot 5K / Believe 5K

This year Bill, Christy and I attempted the BIG Dallas Turkey Trot and for the fact that I hadn’t ran in 2 weeks I was happy with my time of 53 minutes.

It was quite chilly but the race itself was fabulous for the size of it.

Sadly my ankle was screaming at me so after we got back home it was rest  with my brace on. I have always had issues with it since childhood so I shrugged it off as just my weak ankle acting up. The next day is was stiff swollen and hard core bitchy.

I began looking at what it could be and discovered it was most likely Peroneal Tendonitis.

So I am on another 2 week sabbatical and hopefully I can run the frosty 5K in 2 weeks.

Yesterday Bill ran his first 10K at the Believe race in McKinney. I was so proud of him!!! Now I just need to heal up so I can get back on track with my training.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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