Stress update

Its been about 2 weeks and what a roller coaster it has been over here.

Winter has blasted itself all over Texas and I admit I hate the cold. Because I have such a despise for the wintery weather I have not been running since the last race we did.  I admit I have sucked at it this week.

With stress at work taking over my life, my nightmares and promoting the general feeling of crappiness I’ve been miserable.

 Being stuck in a mental anguish has taken a toll that I am now trying to fix it and get myself back on track.

It all started last Monday the 18th, we were getting a new manager who would turn out department around (hey I was an optimist!) He had already been with the company for 12 years so that was a good sign that we had someone who knew what they were doing. More importantly there was a commitment to stay.

So the whole office was excited. We were also waiting for the announcement of the supervisor spot being addressed and filled too. A wonderful co worker had the whole department’s backing at getting the job- at 5 years experience we wanted her in that hot seat.

So imagine our surprise that the old team lead swung around and introduced us to our new SUPERVISOR…..

Mind you we have no word a decision had even been made yet.

Worst, the new supervisor was infact a contractor from outside the pharma world.

We all looked shocked and thought “dear Gods…we’ll need 6 months just to train her!!!”

The Co Worker who had be assured that she was getting the position was this told she needed to train the new superv., you think that went well? Nope. I knew that our most experienced worker was going to take the next available job to get out of this department.

2 days later the Contractor Supervisor quit.

Before this the record was the previous manager who lasted only 3 weeks….

So that was Thursday the 21st.

I took a sanity day on Friday to recover from the ever constant panic I had all that week. It was heavenly to relax on a 3 day weekend.

Monday I learned:

1) the coworker who we wanted as our supervisor was transferring departments.

2) another co worker was becoming team lead – meaning she would not be doing production work at all.

So the office that needs 7 people to make the work load manageable… (pending these 2 leaving)…. Will be down to 4 employees processing requests for the Master Data Department.

Oh my fucking stars and garters….could my work situation get worse???

Yep, it did.

My probation period as a contractor is over on 12/10, meaning I am eligible for perm hire with the company directly. I have inquired about my possible direct hire and gotten a “maybe” even when there will be an opening soon for me to slide easily into.

I have half a mind to have a mental 90 day clause that if they do not hire me 3 months after I become eligible that I draw a line in the sand and threaten to walk.

Considering the stress this place has caused me, they would have to give me a damn good reason to stay.


So enough work crap before the holidays. I’m tired of being stressed out about trying to control things that are out of my control to begin with.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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