Epic Training Run!!!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Who’s enjoying this extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings change?

I know I am enjoying not driving in the dark in the mornings but still going to need some time adjusting my sleep cycle because I am dragging this morning pretty badly.

However that could also be from the absolutely insane thing I last night- I was really out of my mind.

Bill had went out to run around that afternoon, he prefers to run in daylight while I rather wait for night time. He did an amazing job of running 5.5 miles, I had decided to only run a standard 5K distance after my 5 mile run on 10/29.
But, I was open minded, with the route I “loosely” follow I can do anything from 1-9 miles.

So I decided I would go for 4miles and see how I felt…

5miles I was still good – the weather was windy and cool in the low 60s – perfect weather.

I pushed it harder, and began to feel it in my knees around 5.5 miles but then I realized “I am under a mile from a 10K distance”.

SO I pushed again and completed a 6.3 mile run in 1:51:17 – I frickin ran a solid pace for nearly 2 hours.

I walked up the stairs and splatted in the living room with Bill scrambling for chocolate milk and a yogurt…I had burned over 1000 calories so I was in desperate need of food.

I told him I loved him so much… but I smoked his ass. Which, got a belly laugh and a big kiss.

I took my 3rd shower of the day and promptly crashed in bed out cold until I needed to turn over and found Sunny pinning my legs down in the wee hours…that darn cat!

This Saturday I have my 13th 5K – McKinney Mini and I’m so excited! The trio will be back together again! 😀

Now if I can just stay awake at work and wrestle with this slight case of sniffles that has developed. Later today if I don’t hit the hay early I will try and share my healthy stroganoff crockpot recipe that is so uber delicious and about 150 cal per serving!>

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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