And Then there were Twelve…

And Then there were Twelve…


Saturday’s Gary Burn’s race in Frisco was insane. I have never seen so many highschoolers- teams-parents-whatever out at 7:30 on a Saturday!!! I remember I was a teenager there had to be a damn good reason for me to be awake before 9am- much less out of bed! It was a rough race in the fact that no one really knew how to line up and I got delayed behind waves of walkers.

Most importantly though, I hit my goal of 12 races in a year!!! *WHOOOHOOO*

This wasn’t an easy feat and I admit half the time even *I* thought I was crazy for even thinking this scheme up for my 2013 resolution.

A race a month sounded plausible. Finishing under an hour was do-able. It didn’t seem too far of a stretch, unlike my normal lose 25 pounds in a year idea- which never happened.

I had sucked at exercise as far as “going to a class or gym”. I have a gym phobia and a bad habit of comparison to the cute gym bunnies in their itty bitty outfits. The whole gym culture was something I still need to get use to. I don’t know what it is but the idea of coming home from work, changing, then leaving again for a class…exercise feels like a chore! I’m already stuck with laundry and dishes!

Training was easy. Free phone apps, fitted shoes, and water. No excuse for the 30 minute training intervals. I can spend 30 mins on freaking exercise!? Its 30 minutes! Running was lace up and walk out and see where I ended up at, plus I had GPS on the phone would always point me home if I got turned around in an unknown neighborhood.

Trick is making the time- I hate waking up in the morning and I am in awe of the runners I see at 4-6am. I can’t manage that. I discovered that I love to run at night. Absolutely LOVE IT! The nearby neighborhoods are empty about 7:30-8pm when most of the older crowd is already in bed and the school kids are home with their parents. The roads are very much empty so as long as I have my LED lights on I run in the roads.

There were good races and bad races this year with lots of learning and twists to training. There is still another 4-5 we will be doing before year’s end plus, I am beginning to push 4-5 mile training runs.

My possible crazy what-the-beep-is-she-thinking-goal for 2014?

24 races: 1 out of state, atleast one 5mile race, atleast one 10K

2015? 10Ks and 10milers… maybe a half marathon.

2017 I have my 30th birthday and I want to run a marathon.

Where the fuck has my mind gone???? 😀

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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