Dream Journal 10/23/13

Time to have a bit of a random post (mostly for me to remember) about a strange series of dreams I had one night.

I usually have several oddball “scenes” everytime I hit a REM cycle. Normally, I don’t put much stock intot hem but I thought what the heck today- I have been meaning to start tracking them again.

Saved from an iphone note-

Pulling up carrots from empty graves. Trying to. Going into a large store room trying to avoid spiders to get to the dried peppers growning in a bottle. finding the mini tomatoes I had forgotten about to ripen.

Then running from a shifter trying to kill me. In a restaurant and to show he’s there he leaves money on all the tables of the people he’s killed. Lots of running and dodging.

Trying to cross a river with see real people/ or bathe- maybe playing in a roped off area where current isn’t so bad. Black smoke comes in a spiral from air. Beautiful woman appears in purplish black. Looks like Wendy from east end show.

She keeps telling me she has to eat me. I don’t want to die so I ask what I I can share your curse/ carry it halfway so she is rid of it faster? She says that’s possible and I say we’d need to call upon the black end goddess to pass judgement.

Woke up

Now that is frickin strange- Now I did recognize the shifter as Wendy from the new show “Witches of East End” who is cursed in the show. So I can place that pretty well for influence shake.

“Black end Goddess” makes me think more of the Goddess Kali or Black End (Goddess of Death, The Morrigain?) or the Black Plague – The area did look to be European and I would say 14-16 centuries. So there are some ties I have yet to figure out on this  part. I have been working to connect with my Matron Goddess so…it was interesting.

The spider thing is a reoccuring theme- more so of me avoiding their webs than a fear of them. I actually love spiders in real life! 🙂 But walking into a web is just yuck. I can tell there is some unconscience symbols about the webs and feeling trapped by them. I end to meditate more on that as well.

There has also been alot of “looking for a dead or dying plant” only to discover in my blindness other plants thriving in my way much like “Oh! lookie what I found! I forgotten I had those!”  type of reaction.

As far as trying to dig up carrots intact (they were breaking in half) in the grave areas…. no clue….nope…WTF?

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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