Starting 5K Forever


So last week amidst the chaos of work and personal life I began the first round of this training and then got derailed due to life in general.

Day 1 was on 9/17 and it was harsh!

The goal with this training is to lower my race time.  You run your normal pace then speed train for 4 rep with a short walk between, then finish at your normal pace. It doesn’t sound like it would kick your butt but it does- my stride it small for my height so this program really pushes me to open up my stride and take off!

Last week my Balloon Fest race was 51:30 so I can tell you it shaved off about 3 minutes form my time 🙂

if I can use this tool to get to a sub 45min 5K time I will begin distance training for the 10Ks! Whoohoo!

Since I was sick yesterday I am taking one more day to rest up and relax then begin training again tomorrow afternoon. thank goodness for cooler weather! 🙂



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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