Balloon Fest 5K



This race ushered in the time of year all runners in the South crave for- FALL!

Actually held on the first day of Fall this run was earlier that previous ones and the temps stayed in the low 70s during the race. Bill, Christy and I all got there to watch the balloons air up before the 5K began 🙂

The run was well laid out and I finished with 51:30 just a minute and half shy of my best record! I was very happy to see that. it meant the speed training I have been adding to the runs is paying off.


Forget Zombies! We have attacking air balloons!

The gang and I are planning to keep this race as a standard next year and if things go well in another year or two we all will be racing in the Half marathon also available at the Balloon Fest! 😀


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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