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Useful Gadgets & Gear

 FitBit- This was my first workout buddy and as cool as she was- definitely wasn’t impressed about 3 months into her stay- I hear her cousin the wrist band is a great upgrade but I don’t own one.

It  is small belt or waist band clip that tracks steps, calories, and distance, even the change in elevation. Compact and non noticeable it is a great pedometer.

 Until you realize there is no where safe that it will stay on. I have nearly lost it more than six times. It came off in resturants, in the car and once after nearly tearing the car apart I found it has slipped onto a walmart bag I had placed on the counter. The only place I couple wear it was clipped onto the middle of my bra- no way that sucker was going to come off.

 Course now I couldn’t look at it for progress without reaching and taking it off or look down my shirt and press the button…

Yeah only so much you can do in public or the work place. After ruining it in the washing machine (still clipped to my bra of course) I had enough and did not replace it.

 NikeFuel Band – My circle of friends began wearing this one right around the time Bill and I were watching Biggest Loser and I was plotting to get a BodyMedia band. Our group of 5  always enjoyed be competitative in apositive way so when bill decided he wanted one naturally I gravitated to one as well. 2 friends have fallen off the wagon but I still wear mine everyday and it’s a nice pick me up reminder to move my butt more.

 BodyMedia – Bill and I started watching Biggest Loser and I admit I really had a bias hatred towards the show. Didn’t like the name, didn’t like to torture routine, didn’t like jillian Michael’s mouth.

Yet I relented to watch an episode or two with Bill…

And I promptly got hooked…

Watching Danni progress and win the end was thrilling and it did get me more motivation than I was expecting.

So, I began researching ther Body Media system and was intrigued on the amount of data it produces on a beneficial level that I needed to see why I was REALLY not losing any weight.

However I did stop wearing it for a time because to my dismay they would not link with , disheartened I hung it up for a while. Then recently I looked into MFP and the various tools and it seemed they has finally ironed out issue and now many food entries I add to MFP transferred over BMedia and functioned seamlessly with my calorie burn numbers.

Also, being able to monitor my sleep patterns and get better quality is a major plus…never knew how crappy I sleep sometimes.

Road ID – This is a Must for any athlete.

They also have a new free App that lets loved ones track your run/hike/ride which can bring peace of mind if there are longer training runs in the forecast. I want to convince Bill to use this app so I know he’s okay on his longer night runs. 🙂
Don’t worry he is getting a RoadID too eventually.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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