Apps, Apps, Apps!

Where do I start?

This question has been asked to me at least 2-3 times a week by people who are shocked when they hear me talk about running 5Ks. It can seem hard for them to believe since, well, you don’t see fat people on advertisements to promote exercise.

The best way to seriously get their attention is, “There’s an app for that.”

In truth there are hundreds of apps but today I am going to break it down and list my favorites and the ones I have used in the past so that anyone an see just how easy this process really is!


fitnesspal MyFitnessPal

With Android and Apple platforms this is the most NECESSARY APP for anyone trying to make better changes. This FREE! App is a calorie counter and nutrition center where you can map/track for caloric intake. It also features a barcode scanner to make that bag of chips easy to document. There is copy features so if you are like me and cook in batches- as long as you know your serving size… you can copy and paste dinners for the full week. DONE!

You can create new foods and enter in recipes to give you all the nutrition info you can imagine.

Finally… This app is able to link with all the others I list here. Meaning… You go out for a run and use RunKeeper to log your distance and calorie burn- well, if you link accounts that calorie burn will be sent striaght to MFP and logged for you so you know exactly how flexible you can be about your next snack.

Its just THAT seamless!

Now I hear the groan “counting calories! NOOO!”

Guess what You can’t out exercise a bad diet. You eat shit you will feel like shit.

When I got on MFP I was shocked at how crappy I ate 3,000 to 4,000 calories and not moving…Too much sugar and i was on the way to diabetes and you don’t want to know about the salt…processed foods that are more lab grown with names I can’t even pronounce….

and you wonder why Cancer is so prevalent in our lives today? Our bodies can’t handle that “junk”.

So if you SERIOUSLY want to know how bad or now good you eat…MFP.

Its FREE. That is a whole lot cheaper than your insurance premium or Doctor’s copay.

Your body needs Fuel like any engine…it needs QUALITY food!

images-2 images-3

One of several apps on the market to use the GPS of your phone to track your exercise- running and cycling mostly. I enjoy it solely for Running.

Now this App can be linked to MFP like I mentioned before but it also linked up to over apps you may like to consider.

This app is Free but also has a RunKeeper Pro for a monthly subscription (Bill has it so I will have to ask him what he thinks on that).

As far as running goes it’s amazingly accurate, free and useful map feature if you run of course and have no clue what street you are on and how to get back home at night.






This what my first C25K app I used by Zen Labs

1) it was free

2) it supported breast cancer

It promised that 30 minutes a day, 2-3 days a week for 9 weeks you will be able to have the endurance and stamina to run a full 5K.

(note: I ran mine in 50 minutes so it does not promise you a “finish time”)

After every workout you have the option to post your completed workout online and this helps if you have friends who are keeping tabs on you.

There are now apps for 10K and half marathons from Zen Labs, though I think you pay for those.




5K Runner from Clear Sky Apps LTD

While I was training with C25K above this was what Bill was using and what I now use to develop my speed. There really isn’t much difference between the two. Both are simple interval training apps that build you up to complete a 5K race.

However I add this one because not only do they have a 10K runner and half Marathon runner, but they also have 5K Runner Forever and 10K Runner Forever.

These 2 Forever apps are continual trainers to build up speed and shave off time on your current races with Speed interval training.

They make a point to say “To enjoy this app you must already be able to run a 5K”

mzl.ooxvixhx.175x175-75 421912_larger





Gain Fitness Cross Trainer

First off I don’t like gyms, never have and never will.

So this app was a Godsend for me when Bill found it.

Cross Trainer is an app that has built in workout routines for everyone in any situation and location.

Stuck at home? You can built any workout to exercise any body area(s) from anywhere of 5 minutes to 90 minutes. Burn Fat? Cardio? Build muscle? You can choose any and all if you like.

Now the BRILLIANT thing about this is that you can buy “Extension packs” for other exercise types from Yoga and Kettleball to Kickboxing and Basketball. Pilates too.

I personally have the two Yoga packs and Pilates as well as the standard core strength.

Now if you can’t do an exercise in the workout routine (I can’t do push ups to save my life) so guess what you can delete them! You can edit to add more, have less, switch moved around.

Its like a Buffet of workout moves that you get to hand build for yourself!!!

Personally I have a morning yoga workout for 15 minutes in the morning I do before I even get out of my PJs. I love it!


Now there are seriously more apps out there and I firmly believe “different strokes for different folks” but if you have a smart phone in your hands you can start right now on learning how to be healthy but also how to slowly make those changes into your life without losing your mind or your wallet.

Next time we can begin talking about gadgets 😉 Ohhh I love my gadgets! LOL



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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