Labor of Love 5K

ts been a few days without much going on and not much to say. Work has picked up slightly and this week, even shorter, will be very interesting considering its only two of us- three if you count the half day transfer. Just got to survive one day at a time this week.

Today Bill and I ran the Labor of Love 5K in McKinney and it was…an experience. Most notably it was a downpour halfway through the course. I’ve ran in mist and light rains before but this was the sky opened up and dumped!

One blessing I did get was a running partner. I had met a husband and wife team with a beautiful boxer puppy during the wait and the pup had taken a shine to me. Once we started it turned out Jimmy was walking Mason (his wife was up around Bill’s pace and far ahead) so we joined up and chatted about…well just about anything.

Including a a few expletives when the bottom fell out of the sky. 🙂

Under normal conditions I run alone and don’t talk to anyone but we just began chatting up and swapping stories at a comfortable pace which made the run feel much shorter! Even in the rain 🙂

By the time we got to the finish line the rain had stopped and we had the best breeze ever. I wasn’t winded at all and hadn’t drained my water belt either. However the drive home really soaked my poor car seats .

A week ago it was sweat, no rain that had us soaked. LOL!

Now, to survive crazy work and run on Saturday in the Heroes for Children 5K in Plano. 🙂


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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