What I Wish I Knew Earlier



= Good shoes are hard to find. Go get fitted at a running store (the mall does not count). Wear what feels good and yes don’t be surprised to drop over $100 per pair.

= Have more than one pair of good running shoes. I have a bright pair and an all black pair for the office.

= Ladies…Title Nine running bras $40-$60 each. The girls will not move and this will make you happy. They have various supports from light to heavy duty for whatever intensity workouts you do.

= Baby powder is your friend. When I run my torso twists and my bra does move and chafe sometimes (same for under armor spandex shorts).

=  I am a heavy woman. I never thought I would wear anything remotely tight. Now I hate loose running clothing. I laughed at Under Armor now I can’t get enough of it. Note:  size 24 can fit into a XL Under Armor Shorts.

= There are gloves  that you can wear in winter than work on touch screen devices. These may seem like a good idea…if…its colder than 40 degrees.

= You will warm up faster than you think in cold weather.

=  You will become attracted to anything bright and neon colored J

= Tech shirts over cotton every time.

= “Wisking” will becomes your favorite word.

= For Big and Tall guys and girls – Khols online have running shirts that are long enough! (Bill is 6ft 7… trust me I know) I personally love the length on my 5ft 11 frame.

=  Wisking technical socks are all I own now. Dry feet!

= Bill loves his Bose ear buds $$$ and I still use my $10 pair. Use what works for you.

= A lot of runners wear armbands to hold their phones. I haven’t found one I like so I use a pouch on my water belt.

= Hand held water bottles are great. Water belts are great. The more you sweat the more you drink!


Race Day

= 8 eight-ounce glasses is nowhere near enough water. Non-race day: I down 10. Pre- race day: It’s usually 12-14. It is easier to get hydrated before a race then scrambling for a port-a-potty minutes before the lineup. I actually don’t drink anything morning of a race for that reason.

After a race I drink as much water as I can stand or until I pee clear (TMI but truth)

= After a few races you will begin a Google calendar devoted only to races and the early bird registration deadlines.

= You will then share said calendar with your running buddies who will laugh but secretly think it’s amazing

= 1 to 3 races a month is actually very do-able.

= When you start planning morning and evening races on the same day you really are just plain bat shit crazy.

= Don’t wear a race shirt to the actual  race you got it from. Its superstitious. Save them to wear AFTER the race when you are sweat soaked and need a clean shirt.

= Better yet pack a post  race bag. Extra water for the drive home, a snack (you will need sugar to balance), dry clothes, towels!

= Some running stores host feature races. Best place to start!

= Starting out – run for completion not for time.

= If you are slow (based upon your training pace) do not start at the front of the lineup…you will get trampled!

= Parents pushing jogging strollers will out run you. Accept it.

= Some races have a beer garden at the end for “of age” adults…don’t fall for it. Beer does not hydrate you.

= Fine a fellow runner who has a sports car and loves to drive it. That way you feel like a badass after the race going home!



= When you start running I suggest training in the Fall. If you do any couch to 5K style you will be up to par before winter sets in.

= You will soon discover that 45-50 degrees is perfect for running with no extra layers. Not kidding either.

= If you live in a warmer climate get comfortable running at night or wee hours in the morning before work, since it will be the only coolish time to run. (Texas is the exception in June – September when temps stay at 90s through the night).

= Ladies be sure you run in a safe area at night, take pepper spray or a weapon if you feel you need to.

= Some people run in groups or join running clubs. I don’t like them so don’t feel pressured to join one if you aren’t interested.

= Likewise, some run in pairs (Bill and I try but he’s wicked fast) I prefer to run alone.

= You will have Awesome runs and you will have Shitty runs. It’s no reason to quit.

= Rest days are required.

= Midway through training you will realize your playlist needs weeding for songs that are “too slow”.

= Never trust that a car DOES see you and WILL stop.

= Get a Road ID.

= There will come a time where you will look back and say I can’t believe I am doing this.

= I promise a 285lb woman can train and run 5Ks, you can do it too.

= If you train at night beware of sidewalks. You won’t see the uneven crack and it will take you down and bloody you up.

= Get some flashing lights ( like Super Novas at RoadID.com) and wear them so you can run in streets and thus avoid the evil sidewalks.

= Educate yourself on good wholesome foods to eat when training- you can’t outrun a bad diet.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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