Around the Mound 5K

We have a new rule regarding 5Ks during the hot season here in Texas.

All 5Ks must begin no later than 8am.

Today our Trio went to race the Around the Mound 5K in Flower Mound, TX which was a smaller race put on by the community and not Run On! (but what a featured race). We knew it was going to be rough when at the 8:30am gun the temp was over 84 degrees with a 61% humidity.

Ohh it was Brutal. Absolutely brutal.

I was happy to finish in under an hour (56.00) but I was drenched in sweat and more than a touch dizzy. We all changed into dry shirts and cut out to a Cracker Barrel for some much needed carbs and protein.


Frosted mug chocolate milk! *heaven!*

The rest of the afternoon was recovery…6 to7 16oz bottles of water and a whole lot of rest due to a dehydration headache.

We have 3 more runs coming up in September:

Labor of Love, Heros for Children, and BalloonFest.

Dear Gods, is it Fall yet? These 103 degree days just need to stop already!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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