Whoo hoo!

I ran the 18th and it was horrendous!
I should have known better but I can’t eat anything heavy for dinner on a run night. But Sunday was our cheat dinner which was heaven. Burgers with béarnaise sauce, which I hadn’t tasted in years since it is a French speciality (Kenny’s burger joint in Plano nailed it!!!).

2 hours later we ran. I got a half mile before my body got ugly with me resulting in a sudden stop and a long walk home kicking myself for knowing better.

Today was a different story.

After regaining my stride from my hiatus I FINALLY found my foot strike!!!

* insert socially awkward dance here*

The reason this is a big deal is I have a deformity with my left leg which gave me severe overpodnation and major strain on my ankle. It was so bad I never was able to play sports in school. So running on an ankle that rolls without much push is a challenge in a way I had to relearn how to run properly and train my foot strike.

This is just about as easy as herding cats…

When Bill and I started running July 2012 it took until November before I was steady and mostly pain free…

But tonight while running in the neighboring streets I hit the strike at 1.75 miles and I didn’t want to stop, my breath was steady and my pace was around the 16 min mark.

I went on to run the farthest I have in a long time, 3.25 miles in about an hour. 🙂

I am gonna fall asleep a happy woman!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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