Stress + run = blood

Note to self….if running at night stay on the darn street and not on the uneven sidewalk!

Startling my sweetie with my knee all bloody is not a way to end last night. Thankfully the deep gouges and scratches are healing nicely- still bruised but, ehh it bends so I think I’m safe.

There was a low point today though…. I finally succumbed and called my contracting house to request a new search so I could find another job. It’s just gotten to the point where this dept. is about to collapse on itself. We can’t manage the workload and validate and try to correct issues.

I got taken off a project because of errors (which I can understand) but you don’t overload a month old contractor so much when she is still learning. The Boss was kind about it but she doesn’t realize that in a few weeks she and another worker will be gone and then only 3 people (counting me) are under pressure to keep the whole dept. afloat……. And meet all the SLAs too.

So when I finally took a late lunch, but called my contract house instead, my boss and the rest of the group decided to have a little meeting to discuss the WTF plans to handle the dept.

No note left. No explanation. No mention of it when they returned. Thankfully, one girl gave me the rundown.

But what my boss doesn’t realize is that because of this action and the exclusion of me — she showed the other coworkers that I am not categorized as part of the team.

And this same woman told me time and time again she wants me to stay and hire on direct. She’s even trying to get them to break with my contract house….

But I’m not part of the team.

I was always pulled into the huddle meetings until now. So for the other co workers that aren’t welcoming of me, my boss just basically confirmed and encouraged their attitudes.

I knew after that move that I don’t want to stay. So the wheels are in motion and the job hunt has begun again. I’ll stay as long as I can for financial reasons but time to jump ship before I drown in it.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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